Horse Racing Betting
Welcome to the definitive guide to online horse racing and horse betting. We have daily horse racing news feeds from around the globe, the best online racebooks for fast and reliable Internet wagering, and when there's a major horserace on the card we'll provide free handicapping information from the track experts.Whether you are discovering the excitement and intensity of horse racing betting for the first time or you're a seasoned punter with multiple racebook accounts our aim is the same: to provide our visitors with an invaluable horseracing resource.The beauty of horse racing is that there is gambling action 365 days of the year because this is a truly global sport. Whether it's the Kentucky Derby (USA), the Epsom Derby (England), the Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe (France), the Durban July Handicap (South Africa), the Hong Kong Cup (Hong Kong,), or the Melbourne Cup (Australia) the odds are good that somewhere in the world a major horse race is right around the corner. And we didn't even mention the race for the Triple Crown, The Breeders Cup Classic, or the Dubai World Cup, arguably the biggest drawcards in racing. We review most major USA horse racing meetings.Most major sportsbooks feature comprehensive racebooks as well, particularly those sportsbooks based in the UK and Europe and Sportsbook are all renowned for their horse racing betting markets.

Horse Racing Betting Rules

The Basics(How to bet, types of bets.)

The main object of betting on horses is to beat the 'Oddsmakers' or the 'Odds Compilers' and win some money. Additionally, placing a bet on your favorite event makes the race exciting and more enjoyable.Betting is done through Sports books or Sportsbooks (US) and Bookmakers (UK) entities that accept bets. You can bet on the outcome of horse races and several sporting events.


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Horse Racing Glossary

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  • * - Before the late 1970s an asterisk or a star (*) before a horse’s name indicated that the horse was imported from a country outside of North America.
  • = - An equal sign (=) in front of a horse’s name means that the horse is foreign-bred but has not been imported.
  • () - A parenthesis with a country’s abbreviation after a horse’s name; for example, (IRE)=Ireland, (FR)=France, (CHI)=Chile, (NZ)=New Zealand; indicates what country the horse was foaled in and what stud book they are registered with.
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Horse Racing Glossary
                                                                                                        A-F . * G-P . Q-Z
  • Gait - Harness horses are divided into two distinct groups, pacers or trotters, depending on their gait when racing. The gait is the manner in that a horse moves its legs when running. The pacer is a horse with a lateral gait, whereas a trotter or square-gaiter has a diagonal gait.
  • Gate - Another term for barrier, or position a horse will start from.
  • Gelding - A male horse that has been castrated.
  • Gentleman Jockey - Amateur rider, generally in steeplechases.
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Horse Racing Glossary Q-Z
  • Quadrella - Selecting the winner of four specifically nominated races.
  • Quiniela (Quinella) - Wager in which the first two finishers must be picked in either order. Payoff is made no matter which of the two wins and which runs second. ('Reverse Forecast' in the UK. See Wagers for Quiniela variants.)
  • Race Caller - The person who describes the race at a racecourse.
  • Racecard - A programme for the day's racing.
  • Racing Plate - A type of horseshoe which is very light, made of aluminum (alluminium), with a toe grab or cleat for better traction.
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Horse Racing Tips

Since various online bookmakers offer varying odds on the same horse racing event, it is possible to wager small amounts on a series of long odds in the hope that any one win will pay off for a number of other losses. Some websites in a hurry to gain custom even offer an initial free bet against any money deposited, so one can manipulate the system to place contradictory bets without a net loss. However, this is obviously not a sustainable approach, apart from the questionable ethics involved.

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Horse Racing Strategy

Horse racing betting is both complex and rewarding but you'd never know that if you watched the vast majority of punters at a race track, because their approach is free of any strategy and there is no reward once the races are over. Instead they make a donation to the betting pools, but that is good news for anyone who is interested in horse racing strategy because it is money that you can win.

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Odds Betting in Horse Racing

Where and how can a newcomer start sports betting in horse racing? Most of the web sites are full of jargon and confusing tables. Some gambling sites are suspicious, and one never knows whether they violate national laws. The sport is not easier for a novice to follow at the average race course. Horse racing has such a passionate following that the sight of punters pouring over books, watching video consoles, and in animated discussion with each other, can be most daunting for the uninitiated.

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Horse Betting Odds

Horse Racing and Odds Making

Odds making is the practice, usually performed by professional bookmakers, of setting the betting odds on the result of a sporting event. Most people are familiar with odds being given on each horse winning a particular race, for example 5:2 odds for a favorite or 200:1 for an extreme long shot. In plain terms, a bet on the long shot would return $200 for each dollar bet, with a $10 bet paying $2000 and so on.

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Horse Betting Tracs

Bet On Horse Racing

Why is it that some race tracks attract world wide attention in horse racing, while others flounder? It is bad enough that local pressure groups link horse racing to nefarious activity with which it is not related in reality, so every racecourse which gets support from local people and regulators has to become a commercial success. There are many ways for owners to achieve this kind of financial status, though there are tracks with natural and inherited advantages as well.

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