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Free Bets are a great way to give a boost to your online betting. Nearly all online bookmakers offer them when you open an account, and while they do usually impose some coditions such as a minimum deposit or bet before you can get the free bet, the terms of the free bet offer are not usually very difficult to meet. Due to our size we are now able to offer a number of exclusive free bets that are only available if you click from links on this page. You will not find these exclusive offers other sites or by going to the bookie sites direct.How to Claim A Free Bet?
Each free bet will have different terms but broadly you will need to open an account with the relevant bookie to get started. After that the terms of the bonus will normally be that you have to bet deposit some of your own money and bet a certain amount, sometimes in one bet or sometimes in a series of bets. Once you have met the criteria for the bonus, you will often find that the free bet will be credited to your account within a few days.When you use the free bet to make a bet and it wins, you will normally find that the winnings will be credited to your account just like any other bet, but the original free bet stake may not be credited to you.For example, if you had a £10 free bet winning at 2/1 then you would get the £20 winnings, but not the original £10 free bet stake. This can vary from bookie to bookie however so be sure to read the terms and conditions.In some cases you may also find that you have to continue to bet ("turnover") a certain multiple of the free bet you are offered before you are allowed to withdraw the winnings.For example, if you bet £20 to get a free bet of £20, and this free bet won at 2/1 giving you £40 profit (but you didnt keep your stake) If the turnover requirement is 3x then you would not be able to withdraw the £40 you won for free until you had bet at total of 3x the value of the free bet i.e. 3x£20 = £60 You can reach that total in any way though using lots of small bets etc but it is worth checking if there is any time limit over which you must make the bets.Why Do Bookies Give Free Bets?It may seem too good to be true, but it does actually make sense for bookies to give away free money to get people to open an account. Its actually quite a cheap method of advertising for them, and while with some people they may end up losing if the players take the money and run, they hope that some will stick around and use them some more and become a proper customer.Better DealsBecause we are a much bigger site than some of the free bet sites you see, we are often able to negotiate better offers for people coming through links from this site. If you are looking to open an account and take advatange of the free bet offers from a bookie then be sure to go via our links to make sure you take advantage of our better deals.Exclusive Offers!We are also often able to negotiate additional exclusive offers both for new accounts and existing accounts which you wont always find on other sites. Be sure to check regularly so you dont miss out.More Accounts means More ProfitThere are many reasons why you should set up accounts with lots of bookmakers, not just to get the free bets. In particular this will allow you to shop around more to get a better price on your bets, and this will substantially help your long term betting profitability. You will also benenfit from more promotional offers from the bookmakers who regularly give other free bets and special deals to encourage you to bet with them again.

Boxing Betting Bonus
Boxing is a sport which does attract a fair amount of followers, especially in Britain. That's mainly down to the fact that our home nations have produced a handful of quality fighters in the last decade and beyond, with the likes of Amir Khan, Ricky Hatton and Welsh favourite Joe Calzaghe. There are of course many more talented boxers out there but these three in their own right have taken the sport to new heights with the immense records and attitude towards both the sport itself and their loyal fan base.
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Darts Betting Bonus
Darts is one of the more popular sports out there. The profile of the sport has grown because of several aspects. The coverage for Darts has massively increased over the years. Not only do us Terrestrial viewers get to see the World BDO Championships in the winter but Sky viewers also have the option to see the legends of Darts on a more regular basis, mainly in the Darts premier League.
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Snooker Betting Bonus bokmakers
Unlike sports such as Football or Rugby which are often played at a frantic pace, snooker is a sport which requires a lot of patience, in regards to both the players themselves and the spectators. It's a sport which is played at a very slow tempo but one that oozes sophistication. The amount of accuracy and precision required to play at the very top is incredible and for a sport which looks fairly easy on the eye, it's a damn sight harder to play.
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Cricket Betting Bonus
There will be five, five day tests of which it's a best of five matches scenario.
July 8 - Sophia Gardens
July 20 - Lords
July 30 - Edgbaston
August 7 - Headingly
August 20 - The Oval
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Formula 1 Betting Bonus
Formula 1 is by far and away the most complex sport of them all. You really do need to know your stuff when it comes to wagering on those speed addicts which are Formula 1 drivers. It's a sport where every single minor detail is taken into account, from purchasing the right or latest parts to ensuring you have the correct tire type for each individual race. That's also another point. No race is ever the same. One week they could be racing in the blistering heat of Dubai while the following weekend they could be involved in a manic monsoon in Malaysia. Of course, for the spectators at least, this makes for a more entertainment but for the drivers and the constructors, it makes their task even harder and to succeed in Formula 1 it all boils down to the preparation.
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Tennis Betting Bonus
Tennis does attract a lot of support from the punters and it's not hard to see why. The entertainment produced from tennis is unrivalled and there is actually a lot of money to be made with tennis, if you're switched on and know your stuff.
Picking an Outright Winner - Selecting a tournament winner is always the most popular market in tennis, especially in one of the Grand Slams. However, although the chances of seeing a surprise winner in the big tournaments are slim, there is an opportunity to do some trading on the exchanges or if that doesn't interest you then there are certainly a fair few value bets out there.
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