Casino Betting Bonus Tips

Choose New Casinos with Caution

New online casinos are launched regularly. There is a lot written about these casinos in online news websites and at online casino forums. Therefore players are naturally attracted to these new online casinos and want to start wagering at these casinos. New players especially should not take this decision too hastily.

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Tips for Rebuy Tournaments

Most online tournaments are rebuy tournaments in which players keep on paying the rebuy fee and buying a fresh stack of chips. There is a dilemma that new players face in rebuy tournaments. If they rebuy too few times then they are not giving themselves an adequate chance of winning. If they rebuy too many times then they are spending more than they should without any guarantee of winning. Therefore they are unable to decide what the correct number of rebuys is that they should go for.

There are online tournaments which are designated as freerolls. There is no entry fee charged for the first chip stack given. However even freeroll online tournaments charge players a fee for rebuys. Therefore if a player wants to enter a tournament as a freeroll then he should play once and forget it. He should not rebuy at all. However, if the player is able and willing to pay for the rebuys then he should address the question of the number of rebuys that he is willing to go for before he registers for the tournament. This will prevent him from taking an incorrect decision in the excitement and heat of the situation.

A strategy commonly used is to fix a target score after studying the leader board. This target is such that the player expects to break into the prize pool once he achieves the score. This strategy is not the correct one for two reasons. The leader board scores and positions keep on changing and therefore a target fixed at one point of time may not be valid later. The greater disadvantage of this strategy is that it does not consider the player’s bankroll at all. The capacity of the player to invest in an online tournament should be the most important factor for determining the number of rebuys.

A player should fix the weekly amount for wagering at online casinos based on his income, expenses and need for savings. This bankroll should then be used for both regular wagering on casino games and for online tournaments. How this division is made depends on the player’s relative liking for both types of events. Having arrived at a weekly bankroll for online tournaments the player will have to engage in the trickier task of deciding the number of tournaments and the proposed investment per tournament.

As a thumb rule only, the new player can plan for between 5 and 10 rebuys per tournament. If he is not able to fit even 5 rebuys with his given bankroll then he should go for fewer tournaments or tournaments with smaller rebuys. If he has a very large bankroll or if an online tournament is offering a very large prize then he can look at planning for more than 10 rebuys. However two issues should be held inviolable. The player should not exceed his weekly wagering budget under any circumstances. Before the player registers for an online tournament he should have decided on the maximum rebuys that he will pay for.

There is a case for stopping at less than the maximum number of rebuys planned. If the player feels that he has reached a score that he would be hard pressed to match and that gives him a reasonable chance of breaking into the prize pool he may not rebuy further. The money thus saved can be used on other tournaments where it may be more productive.
Side Bets in Online Casino Games

Many online casino games offer a side bet. This is especially true of casino poker based games. In some games these side bets are known as "bonus bets", whereas in other games they are given specific names. In Microgaming 3 Card Poker it is called "Pair Plus" because it pays if the player draws a pair or higher.

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Beginner's Tips for Red Dog

Red Dog is a cards based online casino game. It is offered by many software providers and is usually listed under Table Games. This article first explains the simple rules and then offers some tips that beginners would find useful.

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Tips for Wagering Competitions

A large number of promotions hosted by online casinos are wagering competitions. The amount players wager over a specified period is recorded and the players who wager the most get a share of the prize pool. Naturally even newbie are tempted to participate in such events. But they should be aware of the harsh realities before they do so.

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Make a Balanced Choice of Online Casino Games

A very basic way of looking at online gambling objective is to maximize the expected average returns. However, if this was universally true then there would only be a handful of online casino games that offer close to 100% expected average returns. The wide variety in online casino games indicates there could be many objectives in Internet wagering.

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Before Selecting an Online Casino Select Software

Players select an online casino based on the information available at the visitors' websites of the casinos. It is impractical to download and install the casinos and check out the software of each and every online casino under consideration. The problem that arises is that online casinos do not usually provide complete information on the games available at the visitors' websites.

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Progressive Bets in Online Casino Games

Progressive jackpot payouts add excitement to online casino games. In fact many players wager at online casinos in the hope of winning that elusive life-changing jackpot. Despite the huge payouts progressive jackpot bets are not the most efficient of bets. New players must understand these bets properly before the wagering away their bankrolls on them.

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Auto Play Takes Away the Fun in Skill Games

There are online casino games that involve an element of skill. Players have to take decisions based on their knowledge of which actions would maximize their chances of winning. Traditionally these games could not be put on Auto Play because the player had to make a choice in order for the game to proceed.

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Keep Checking New Online Casino Games

New players often find comfort in a few games and continue to wager on these. For a variety of reasons they are unwilling to try out the new games that are being regularly released and this is to their detriment. New games would require the players to understand new features. Beginners are uncomfortable with change and like to continue with what is familiar to them.

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Follow Online Casino Rules

Online casinos frame certain rules and regulations for its players to follow. These are specified in the end-user agreement. Players should not take these rules lightly and should follow them in spirit and letter. Breaking online casino rules can lead to adverse consequences for the player and in the long-term can lead to disadvantages for other players as well.

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Good Online Casinos Provide Information Upfront

There is no single criterion that beginners can use for the selection of online casinos. They have to evaluate many factors and take a holistic view in the matter. One of the crucial factors is the amount of information that the online casino provides upfront.

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Online Casino Tournament Tips for Beginners

Many new players preferred to stay within the isolation of online casino games because they do not want others to watch them play. As new players they are bound to make mistakes and they would like to do so in private. This is the reason they avoid entering online tournaments. This however is a misconception.

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Using Options Effectively in Microgaming Slots

Players like to customize the playing environment in different manners. Therefore online gaming software providers include a number of options for players to choose from. Microgaming provides some important options in its slot games. This article discussed how to use these options to maximum advantage.

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Choose Slot Games According to Risk Taking Ability

Players wager at online slots for different reasons. Some are looking for that life-changing jackpot so that they can buy their own home. Such players are classified as risk taking players. Others have more modest requirements like maybe a new pair of clothes. These players are classified as risk averse players.

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Country Specific Requirements In Terms & Conditions

Before a player can wager at an online casino he has to accept the Terms & Conditions (T&Cs), which lay down the rules under which the wagering is allowed. Though the agreement is essentially between the player and the online casino, certain rules are country dependent. These fall into two types.

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Selecting Casino Software Online

One of the important considerations in selecting an online casino is evaluating the software that runs the casino. There are about half a dozen reputed online gaming software providers. These are Microgaming, Cryptologic, Real Time Gaming, Vegas Technology, Playtech and Rival Gaming.

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Evaluating Customer Support

Customer support is one of the vital administrative services provided by online casinos. Players will run into difficulties. It may be a simple issue like a game not functioning or a more serious issue about a bonus being withheld. All these have to be resolved through interaction with the casino and the customer support is the point of contact between player and casino.

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Responsible Gambling And Betting Limits

Those who continue to gamble even after they realize that they are likely to become problem gamblers are foolish. Those who start taking precautionary steps after they realize that they are likely to become problem gamblers are neither wise nor foolish. Those who take precautionary steps before they start gambling are wise.

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Games Navigation at Microgaming Online Casinos

Microgaming recognizes the fact that players have different needs and habits and therefore provides a huge number of options in its software. Microgaming also provides over 350 online casino games. Navigating through that many games can be a daunting task and Microgaming has provided a systematic process for that. In fact it has provided two options that players can choose from.

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